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It’s Race Week!


Well, it’s here. Race Week. Nothing left to do but administrative stuff and a few little workouts to keep me from going stir crazy. Usually my visit to Tapertown involves a trip through Doubtsville but for some reason I took a detour this time. I feel like I’m ready for whatever race day is going to bring me. Having swam, biked and run the race course has extinguished a lot of the fear of the unknown. I know how to execute the course. My only fear/worry is the what the last 13 miles of the run will bring. My long runs in training have been tough. I’ve been able to execute most of them as I should but I’ve not often felt great doing it or encouraged at the end of them…until this week. The heat and humidity moved out and what a different run that makes. My “long” zone 1 taper run can be summed up by the message on my Bia.

Not pure joy from the feedback of the data, which wasn’t by itself spectacular, it was from the fact that I felt so strong the entire time, despite the fact that I’d had no breakfast and I lost my one and only gel somewhere along the way. And somehow that smart little watch of mine knew exactly how I was feeling 😉

I have a race plan but there are so many things that could go wrong on race day. Stomach issues, a flat tire, a crash, blisters, muscle cramps, a Morton’s Nueroma flair up, never mind the existing bone spur/pinched nerve issue. It could push any sane athlete right off the cliff. But I’m going to refuse to dwell on the unknown bogies and will focus only on minimizing the risks. Because, as they say, the

So, here’s my race plan:

Enjoy the day, whatever it brings.