Sometimes You Just Get It Right

Parenting is tough. I don’t have to tell anyone who is in charge of raising a young being that this season of life is trying. The job, while utterly fulfilling, will test your sanity and cause you to question your abilities. You will be faced with situations in which you are keenly aware that the way you react or what you say could steer a young heart into a ditch or into the light.

I’m in a particularly challenging season of parenting know as the middle school years. Someone once told me to survive these years you just need to hang on tight and wait for it to be over. While there is a lot of hanging on tightly, I’ve decided not to just wait for it to be over. I am very much aware that my days with these little vermin are numbered. I want to be present and I want to be shaping their character. The tough part is trying to figure out what works. Each child has their own style of communication and their own love language. Throw in some raging hormones and a mom finds herself banging her head against the wall most days….but some days you just get it right. Like today. My stepdaughter Giggles had a minor surgical procedure and I stopped in to check on her and brought her some flowers. She was truly grateful. Not because I brought flowers but because I was present. Intentional. Later with Ironthing I & II, it came time to enforce the nightly 1hr no electronic time

Exhibit A:


and, after the initial grumbling, Ironthing I put on some music and he and I played cards while Ironthing II did his homework. A feeling of coziness and contentment came over the entire house. I was present. Ironthing I was present. And when Ironthing II was done with his homework, even after the mandatory downtime was over, he chose to play cards with his momma. I got it right today. I’m sure there are days ahead that I will not get it right but today I will celebrate and learn and take encouragement from the uncommon joy of what getting it right provides.


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