Whoa….Slow That Calendar Down!

Holy moly, who hit the excelerator?

Yup that says 20 days.  So many feelings about that number, 20 days….long enough for something to go wrong. An injury or illness. Not enough time to really gain all the confidence I’d like for the run. Way too many more days in the pool 😉 And not a whole lot of time to figure out what I’m going to do post Ironman training. I need to set some new fitness goals. I just don’t have the bandwidth to think about it at the moment. I have gone through so many extremes in my feelings toward Ironman training this year that I can’t decide whether I want to do another one. Some days I can’t stand the grind and other days I can’t imagine not having the goal there in front of me. It’s what lights me up. I do have some ideas as to what I do want and I intend to focus on those to shape what comes next for me.

In the interim, 20 days folks. Lots still left to do. Lists to make, inventories to take, purchases to make. This week is the final push in training and then we drive on in to Tapertown. This week’s training will end on Saturday with a final Race Rehearsal bike/run. My plans are to drive up to Nooga at zero dark thirty and ride the full bike course then run the hilly section of the run course. This will be a thorough ass-kicking my friends. Then I will spend Sunday with my family doing whatever they fancy. So 20 more days of this:

2014-08-27 10.53.26


2014-08-28 09.30.35

and this:

2014-08-28 12.11.53 Until I get to do this:

IMAZI can’t wait!



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