What’s Your Strength?

“What are you strongest in?” I get this question a lot when talking about doing an Ironman.  My reply is always a snort, followed by an, “……uhhhhh…..”. No matter how much I have contemplated this question and tried to formulate an intelligent response, my natural reaction is to stumble. I guess it is because I do not believe I am strong in any of the three disciplines. I can certainly tell you that my weakest link is the swim. Having taught myself how to swim, in a non recreational way, only six months before my first triathlon, a swimming background is absolutely not where I come from.  As for the other two disciplines, I had only run 5 miles on a treadmill and didn’t own a bike the day I decided to enter the triathlon world.  My strength I guess is in my will to finish and my willingness to put myself in an uncomfortable place. I’m not fast but I am strong in will…..at least most days.   I guess this is what fascinates me most about the Ironman. It is available to ANYONE. Anyone who has the commitment to train, sweat and be uncomfortable. I love being out there on race day seeing so many different types of people all going the distance, young, old, big and small. When people try to tell me how impressed they are that I compete in Ironman races I can not bring myself to be impressed. I’m not special. I can only tell them that anyone can do it if they commit to it. Strength is in the commitment. If only commitment could transfer into a  12 hour finish time…..

2 thoughts on “What’s Your Strength?

  1. Know precisely what you mean!
    When people ask(ed) that question (escpecially in the beginning) I was like: Uuuhhhh..
    Can’t we just all expect the fact that triathlon doesn’t consist out of 3 seperate disciplines but is just one discipline with a lot of variety in it 😉
    That way ‘Triathlon’ would be a viable answer to the question ”what is your strenght?”, as a matter of fact, that’s going to be my new answer 🙂


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