The Empty Space

A few month’s ago our oldest child, Giggles, moved out on her own and instantly a light went out in our home. Giggles came to live with us six years ago. She was struggling to find her way after graduating from high school and it broke our hearts to see how her spirit had been broken. Giggles has always been the loudest, most gregarious kid. She lights up a room when she enters it. But not so much back then.  So we provided her with a soft place to land and she will say that it was the best decision she has made for herself in her life but I will say it was one of the biggest blessings God has ever provided to her father and I.  It took time for her to realize she could trust, be honest and love freely but over time Giggles has educated herself in a profession, manages people and has matured into a beautiful young woman.


And I miss her so. I miss her laughter, I miss watching her hang out with her brothers and I miss all the little shared looks and understandings we exchanged on a daily basis. But I have to cast my eyes to the positive. We were truly blessed to have had an opportunity to develop a deeply loving relationship with this child. The dynamics of the divorce and geography limited the relationships with the Girls when they were growing up. It’s simply not the same when you do not share a roof together 100% of the time. Divorce stinks.  The positive is that Giggles has been able to truly find out who her father is and develop a deep bond with him. And I have known uncommon joy from being able to love on a truly special person. Now, don’t roll your eyes, it hasn’t been all rainbows and unicorns and I may be on the verge of waxing poetic, but my heart is full and Giggles is a big reason for that.  So I suppose for now I will have to get used to having the house fully lit just once a week.



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