Day 1

Well folks, it’s here. Day one of the 20 week Ironman training cycle. D’oh! I am actually starting one week early to build in a week off while I am away at Cooperstown in July for round two of the Holy Grail of baseball. I am entering what we call the General Prep phase which looks a lot like the Outseason but with volume and swimming. Today was a little zone 3 run and a swim. I decided to get these done at the gym. On the way I encountered a rude man in traffic with whom I exchanged a few hand gestures with and subsequently met again while walking into the gym. Yeah, awesome. He definitely was skulking back a bit to avoid me. It must have been all my Ironman gear exuding badassery…..or the hand gestures.

Upon mounting my trusty stead Mr. Dreadmill, I look up to see this.


Ummmm….whaaat iiiiss this? Are you trying to break an ankle? To further the madness, she turned around and ran backwards. I don’t know, I have a hard enough time running straight. This just seemed a little nutty. But after my brief visit to critical land (I was still a little puffed up from Mr. Rude Road Man), I chuckled (well snorted really) and decided to be thankful for the distraction. By the time the run was done, I had totally forgotten about the pre workout yuck, crazy lady was gone, and I felt accomplished and fantastic. It’s amazing how a good sweat can change your perspective!

Tomorrow I am slated for a 30 minute run and a 3 hour bike. That should feel real good and have me walking like I have ridden in the Kentucky Derby. Giddee up!

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