Pins and Needles

If at first you don’t succeed….well y’all know the rest.

Round One
Round One

Round one of the Epidural Cortisone Injection was not a success :-(. However I had gotten to the point the week before the injection that I wasn’t experiencing any more back/shoulder pain. That I credit to Miss Julia, my fabulous DPT. Love ya girl! So all that was left was the tingly/numbness in my fingers. Yay!

Off to round one I went. And in the words of Yukon Cornelius, “………Nothin.” So the news of the failure of results from the injection was met with puzzlement and dismay by my doc, Dr. Wing Chang. How I haven’t called him Wang Chung yet amazes me. He projects more Eore than an 80’s dance tune though. He holds on tight to his optimism.

So Dr. Black Rain Cloud suggested another injection. Of course I hopped on that train, despite the inconvenience of the whole situation with losing two training days, having to ask someone to babysit you because they drug you up so much you’d be arrested for driving, and we won’t even talk about the cost. But desperate people say yes pretty easily and off I went yesterday for round two. It’s too early to tell whether this one will work but I’m proceeding with guarded optimism.

In between injections, Charming and I traveled to Orlando and saw off our youngest daughter to the land of marriage.


The bride was lovely and happy and the day was a little awkward and uncomfortable for reason’s I will write about sometime when I can find a tactful way to do so. Suffice it to say, we are glad to be home and are praying that God will bless sweet baby girl’s marriage.

Our Kids

So, Ironman. It’s a go for me. At least for now. I am going to proceed with my training plan, hope that the injection will eliminate the tingly fingers and praying that the training won’t trigger a relapse of the pain.
Most importantly I’m tired of talking about pain, pins and needles. I want to get back to blogging about my training experiences and the uncommon joy! I’m ready, bring it!

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