MacGyver and Dr. Magic Hands

So yesterday started with a trainer ride in the paincave. An hour with 2 times 12 minutes  in zone 4. Not terrible. The hard part came when I had to decide whether to pooch on the 30 minute easy run afterward. It was pouring rain outside which meant a trip to the neighborhood clubhouse dread mill or the dread mill at the gym. Both meant gathering gear and taking the car. My Outseason self whispered, “psst, it’s just a zone 1 run, it won’t matter if you skip it”. But the truth of the matter is that I use that “out” more often than I’d care to admit so I held myself accountable, sucked it up and went to the clubhouse. To my dismay my zone 1 run turned into a struggle. What? It’s zone 1 for Pete’s sake! Well, it turned out that my calf was not on board with my decision to suck it up and decided to throw a protest in the form of cramping. SO, down I went to an even more embarrassing pace than zone 1, (think Mile 20 of an Ironman run). Too embarrassing to even share with y’all, but that pace enabled me to finish my run and even add 10 more minutes just to show the calf who was boss.

Feeling good and proud of myself for fighting through the adversity in my head and body, I headed home for a nice shower and lunch. As I pulled into my garage I felt the car bump and move left a little all accompanied by a nice scraping sound. Lovely. I caught the edge of the garage with my back fender. It would appear that none of my back ends fit properly these days!


I pride myself with how I can MacGyver my way in and out of our postage stamp garage, all while negotiating my stepdaughter’s vehicle, which is parked in our turn around behind me. I can proudly say not once in the five years Miss Giggles has lived with us have I hit her car. In fact I can usually back all the way out our garage and back down our curved driveway in one sweeping motion. Family members are even awed by my talent. But alas, something was off within my universe yesterday and I clipped the garage. Luckily I have a father who is knowing of all things car and he advised me that a small amount of gasoline on a rag would take the offending tattle tailing paint off my car. Bless your grease monkey heart Dad! No one will ever know 😉


The bright spot of my day came when I had my appointment with Dr. Niklaus DelFavero(a.k.a. Dr. Magic Hands). He is the fixer of all body-things-gone-wrong. You see, my shoulder pain, which is now in my arm and neck, is still bothering me. Dr. Magic Hands has informed me that I am experiencing radicular (more like ridiculous if you ask me) pain originating from an inflamed nerve root located at C6 or C7. Fantastic. So I said to Dr. Magic hands, “I trust you completely. Work your magic.” And so he did. Cracking, twisting, ART’ing me into relief.

Dr. Magic Hands

I’m still not cured but I’m better and I’ll take better over the same or worse any day.

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