Snowjam (kind of like toejam)

Road outside our hood.
Road outside our hood.

So we made national news this week. Two and half inches of snow and ice equates to disaster here in the ATL. Having grown up in Vermont, it’s laughable to me that this would paralyze a city but it’s very real. We just don’t have the equipment to treat the roads. Plain and simple. And it leads to mayhem.  We were lucky compared to a lot of people. I picked the kidlets up from school just as the snow started to fall. My Spidey senses told me that the buses were going to struggle getting the kids home at the rate the snow was falling. It was that slushy snow that ices quickly. Charming (husband) considered hanging out at his office for a while after it officially closed but when he discovered the office was deserted he reconsidered and departed. His 25 mile trip home took 4 1/2 hours which, by comparison to most, was quick. Here’s what his drive looked like:

Yes that is in fact a motorcycle!
Yes that is in fact a motorcycle.

My girlfriend’s 8 mile round trip trek to pick up her kids across town took 6 hours. Another friend of mine ditched her car and walked 3 miles home. Parents were walking to the schools (approx. 4 miles one way) to get their kids at school. Many children had to spend the night at school. It was nothing short of horrific for many. Especially those trapped on the highway all night. But amidst all the heartache were stories of greatness. People flocking out to the highways and side streets to provide those stranded with food and water. A baby being born with the help of a police officer who happened upon them. A mom who grew up in the south and is petrified of driving in these conditions found the strength to be calm and courageous in front of her kids and safely drive them home. Beauty in the human spirit showed through this tough experience. How cool is that?

Our resident hawk.
Mr. Backyard Hawk

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