Not Feeling The Joy

Hydration and snot catcher, check.
Hydration and snot catcher, check.

Am I pressing forth with strength or stupidity? My answer this week before the training was strength. My answer after was, “Well that may have been stupid.” See, for the past two weeks I’ve been…well…meh. Charming husband gave me his cold which was in fact a doosie, taking me out of commission for 3 solid days. Then my trapezius muscle got all jacked up and is sending nerve pain all the way down my arm. WTF? I have no idea what I did but it is stubborn and bringing me to my knees. I have managed to maintain most of my training, only standing down two workouts due to the cold. Luckily the cold did not move to my chest. The endurance God’s, you know the one’s we call “They”. They say that generally if your cold is in your head, go ahead and work out, if it’s in your chest, stand down.  So opposed to standing down last Sunday, I stood up…to Eves Road.

Mt. Eves. Picture doesn't do it justice.

Eves Road is the road that leads down to my happy place, the training grounds near the river. It’s a solid 2 miles of hills.  All roads that lead away from the water lead up right? Ah yup.  Two victories, the first being the obvious of running up the entire thing at a pretty decent clip and two, not cheesing out of it when I could have easily excused myself. Strength! Well, maybe not. I’m afraid the effort expended compromised the two following workouts. So…I don’t know. All I know is I realize what a blessing it is to feel good. Something that I generally take for granted. For all of those who battle chronic pain or illness, I have a great respect for your courage.  

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