Change in Plans


Sunday was a glorious weather day for January in the ATL. Sunny and 55 degrees. Perfect day for the planned 6 mile training run with my Seaside Half Marathon girlfriends. But as they say, the best laid plans…..Between my sick husband and Iron-Thing I and Iron-Thing II’s (aka the kidlets) baseball practices, Ironma’am’s planned outing had to be adjusted.     😦 Any mom who is an endurance athlete is accustomed to the act of shuffling the training schedule, so into instant shuffle mode I went. In went the pot roast into the crock pot, which by the way may just become a Sunday night regular happening. Nothing better than NOT having to cook on a Sunday evening. After assessing the schedule and locations I realized that Iron-Thing I’s practice was going to be only a few miles from my favorite training grounds, by the river. Sweet, training salvageable! There is a stretch of the Chattahoochee River in my area that is laiden with running trails and a wide shoulder on both sides of the road perfect for biking, which is virtually unheard of here. The setting is beautiful, as it runs along the river. So I dropped Iron-Thing I at practice and tried not to squeal the tires leaving the parking lot. Whoo hoo, 1st training run of the new year hear I come! Some ladies get excited about new shoes, not me, it’s a found hour to train that excites me. I was not alone in the urge to train, it seemed like EVERYONE was out there! And as I passed people on the trails, whether they were running, walking or biking, I noticed everyone had a grin on their faces. Sheer joy in just being outside and active. How cool. The run went well, though I suspected I ran faster than I should have. My Garmin was on one of it’s boycott day’s so I had to wing it. I can’t wait to get my new Bia watch so I can put old Stella Garmin out to pasture. She’s getting to be unreliable. In a few weeks I will be receiving a brand-new-to-the-market watch that is tailored to women endurance athletes. I am part of a group who has backed it’s development. It’s been neat to watch it develop. I’ll post more about that another time. So run done and back to pick up the kid where here I discovered the real joy in my day. Iron-Thing I crab-crawling 50 yards! Hahahahaha funny sight but what really hit me was watching how hard he was working on his strength and conditioning. If I had gone running with the girls, I would have missed the opportunity to witness his strength and commitment, not just mine. Unplanned joy 🙂

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