Post Holiday Hangover


I recently introduced my husband to the new additions to the family, the Handle sisters who reside directly above my hips. He promptly named them, Pumpkin and Pecan. Charming. He’s also known for suggesting that we hang an ornament on the annual Christmas zit that I get without fail every year. We’ll chat about him later. Right now I’m finding myself in a very uncomfortable state after having experienced a two week period of no exercise coupled with unadulterated eating. There is nothing petite about Petits Fours.  I know I am not alone. I know many will be detoxing and switching back to clean eating starting this January. It will be good to get back on track. I sadly have a bit of a climb to get back into Ironman shape and only 9 months to do it. Yikes! But it will get done and I will be ready for IM Nooga. In the words of my sage friend, who we will call JBird, “It’s on, like Donkey Kong!”.

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